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American clients can print with us and save money including door delivery by FedEx
anywhere in the continental USA

As a result of a recent survey we have found that all over the world the print market is moving towards high-quality in the short-run, full-colour jobs.

Skilled labour, setup time and wastage are the major component and the raw materials being a small percentage of the total cost. We have come up with a way to service this niche by decreasing wastage and increasing productivity in these short-run jobs with the help of the latest technology.

From automatic plate loading to CIP3 ink-key controls,
our skilled work force ensures that every part of the system speeds up the job  making these short runs feasible.

Our lower labour costs and our fast turnaround times allow us to be competitive in the world market when compared to similar services available in the United States and Europe. An example of the cost for a typical 4-page folder and a 16-page catalog are given below.

Cost Analysis

Job Typical Cost versus USA Canara Traders & Printers Cost (including door delivery by FedEx anywhere in USA)

Quantity Typical Cost - USA Canara Traders & Printers Cost
4 page folder*
500 $750 $325
1000 $830 $370
2500 $1150 $580
* Printed in full colour on both sides on 90# text gloss. Finished size 8.5”x11”
16 page catalog**
500 $2280 $1100
1000 $2900 $1450
2500 $4250 $2200
** Printed in full colour throughout on 60# text gloss. Finished size 8.5”x11”. Saddle-stitched.

Cost above includes processing and outputting from your supplied files, printing and transportation by FedEx to any single location in the continental USA.

(Source:  American prices have been averaged from various online price lists.)

More important is the quality of the printed product for the given price. We pride ourselves on our quality and we have been acclaimed by our clients for our consistency in quality.

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Quality Solutions in...

We offer high-quality print & finishing services with many value-added techniques such as
  • Hex chrome
  • MIPP & Bump colour separations
  • high resolution FM screening
  • eye-catching finishing options such as
    • Spot UV coating
    • textured coating
    • die-cutting
    • embossing
    • foil-stamping
    • hard-case binding
  • Our packaging arm can come up with innovative, high-value packing concepts.
¤  see some work samples

We offer solutions for...
  • Artists and photographers for their portfolios, art exhibition catalogues.
  • Designers for their high end design work, with an option of using the above value-added options for making their printed work stand out.
  • Corporates that print their short-run product and service literature, brochures and catalogs in high quality, full colour with cost savings.
  • Print-buyers, for out-sourcing their short-run, full colour work at attractive prices.

We have sought to address this niche by decreasing wastage and increasing productivity in these short-run jobs

by investing in the latest technology.

We recognise the ability to handle high volumes...

Ram Prasad,
VP Marketing

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