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We see ourselves as a part of your team and add value in various capacities:


In some cases
we have put together and shipped to
... problem solving
We provide solutions to your potential or existing practical problems, which are normally encountered during a job.We suggest ways to maximize the value resulting in a better price-performance ratio.

... asset management
Our extensive digital library of logos, stock photos, photo cds, product shots, etc. are available to you. These pre-caliberated and tested images can be readily used in your jobs. Our archive of previous jobs makes retrieval and reprinting easy.

... logistics 

There are times when we have printed a product (book or flier) that has to be put together and packed according to a packing list and sent across to various different regions in the country and abroad.

Sometimes it is an annual report with multiple inserts to be put into the envelope with labels printed from a database stuck on it and bulk-mailed from the post-office... at other times we have shipped limited edition compliments/gifts individually shrink-wrapped, labelled before being couriered..

Our extensive
digital library
can be retrieved
easily and used.

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We offer
a complete
solution for designers, advertising
agencies and professional
print buyers as a one-stop shop

Quality & Time Lines
Canara Printers has invested in state-of-the-art machinery and put in control mechanisms to ensure quality to interest the world market in offshore publishing. Quality control to meet world standards is part of our work culture.

We have the people, the equipment and the attitude to match and exceed the quality requirements as well as the timelines required by you. We have won the satisfaction and trust of our customers.

With 5 presses capable of 4 and 5 colour printing at speeds of up to 15,000 impressions per hour and sizes of up to 20” x 30”, we have the capacity and the redundancy built into the system to handle your largest jobs with the quickest turnaround time. A fully digital pre press department with direct CIP3 technology as well as a full-service bindery adds to the quality, speed and efficiency.

Product Proficiency Quotient

We firmly believe that the most important thing for you as a customer is the “product proficiency quotient” as you are looking for maximul efficiency at an optimum price.

The lower costs of skilled labor in India allow us to produce quality products at competitive rates

The quality of the product, the value-added by our expertise and the end product being true to its purpose - all are important considerations.

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International Sales
We offer a complete solution for designers, advertising agencies and professional print buyers as a one-stop shop. Take advantage of our quality and highly competitive prices for high-value added, short-run jobs.                        >>>> more

... in a word, meets international quality.

Sashi Ravichandran
Head, Corporate Communications

Standard Chartered Bank

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We believe that
the most
important thing
for you is not
just price