If there is one aspect of yours that has motivated us to continue working with you for our printing needs - it is the consistency in Quality - keep it up!
Sandeep Abraham
Head marketing Operations

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Overseas clients
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using Adobe
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Our pre-press facility is equipped with high-end equipment and software to meet all your needs. The highly trained pre-press team ensures that your job is processed to get the best results and is committed to adding value to your job.

Located on the 5,000 sft. prepress floor within the 18,000 sft. Canara facility - the prepress facility has high-end scanners to obtain higher degree of  colour accuracy and precision; high-end work stations for retouching, colour correction, manipulation etc. with a high level of accuracy; licenced software, with integrated colour management systems, to maintain colour consistency and standardization throughout  the prepress and printing  process.

Design Studio

All jobs coming into the pre-press department are first checked for quality and errors are fixed. The final scanning is done on high-end drum and flat bed scanners depending on t. Retouching and image manipulation are done on a wide-range of Apple G4 Power Macs and Pentium 4 systems.

We use all the popular desktop prepress applications and programs are used. Your files created in these softwares are processed here. These applications include the latest versions of
  • Adobe PageMaker
  • Adobe InDesign
  • QuarkXpress
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Macromedia FreeHand
  • CorelDraw.
In addition, Postscript (.ps & .prn) and high resolution PDFs are also processed.

After processing, proofs are sent to you for approval in the form of hard-copy calibrated inkjet proofs.
Our inkjet printers are caliberated regularly to ensure the closest possible match between the colours on the inkjet proof and the offset-printed press sheet.

On receiving your approval, the job is ready to be output onto our high-end offset machines.

As a special service, we supply Adobe Acrobat PDF “soft-proofs” - which can be e-mailed to save on courier time for our overseas clients. This solution is also suitable for jobs where the turnaround time is very short!

We produce fully trapped and imposed flats with colour bars, registration marks, cut and fold marks directly imaged on to calibrated Computer to Plate Systems. This ensures perfect registration and sharp screens on press.

Our full-fledged archiving system for backing-up job data for all regular clients provides a unique advantage to enable a reprint of a previous job. Changes to the existing job can also be easily carried out before printing.

Our digital services include conversion of print jobs to PDFs for you to use on your websites.

State-of-the-art hardware and the latest software
make for a winning combination.

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The automatic
plate loader
locks the plates into position for perfect plate-to-plate register.

We have state-of-the-art printing machines from Heidelberg and Komori, offering the following features:
  • Up to 5 colours controlled through computer CPC
  • Formats up to 20'’ X 30'’ (508mm X 762mm).
  • Computerized Control of Registration, Inking and Dampening
  • Automatic Plate Changing
  • Direct CIP3 ink-key presetting
Precision and automation enabled by the above features make for fast make-readies and fast turnaround times. Our highly trained and experienced press-crew can handle demanding jobs day in and day out with care and professionalism.

Quality control is done meticulously. Colour control bars are used for objective analysis and measured frequently to ensure proper and consistent densities and dot gain.


Machine Max.Size Colours Features
Heidelberg Speed Master 20” X 30” 4
Computerized Control of Registration, Inking and Dampening, Automatic Plate Changing, CIP3 ink-key data input
Heidelberg CD 102* 30” X 40” 5
Online Coating, Computerized Control of Registration, Inking and Dampening, Automatic Plate Changing, CIP3 ink-key data input
Komori Sprint 26 20” x 26”

HMT 20” X 30” 1

Mark Andy Flexo Press


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* Commercial production in Heidelberg CD 102 will begin shortly
Technical details of Press facility available on request.

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CIP3 allows for faster, more accurate colour matching

Colors are reproduced precisely

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Gloss or Matt

finish can be
applied to
every sheet
on the fly
Proper finishing of a well-printed job is what sets aside a good job from a great job. We have a highly automated finishing department which offers a range of coatings for your jobs apart from services like folding, binding, punching etc.

Coating / Laminations
Canara Traders & Printers offers a range of online and offline coatings and laminations that enhance the look of your job.
  • Aqueous Online Coatings in gloss, matte and silk finishes. These are applied right on the press in the same pass as the printing.
  • Lamination in gloss and matte finishes.
  • Our Full UV coating machine offers an environmentally friendly alternative to lamination. This coating gives a high gloss finish to the surface.
  • Spot UV coating is the process of highlighting a particular area of the printed piece by coating it selectively with UV-curing gloss coating. This draws attention to that particular area, which might be your logo or a photograph etc. 
  • Spot UV coating is available in gloss, matte, raised and sandpaper finishes.
 Our range of binding choices include:
  • Centre Pinning (Saddle-stitching) - We have two state-of-the-art stitching lines.
  • Perfect Binding - One clamp auto perfect binder carries out perfect binding.
  • Wire-O-Binding and Spiral binding are also done with automatic punches.
We also offer punching / die cutting, embossing and foil-stamping. Other equipment includes sheet counters, auto-collators and programmable cutting machines. Having all these services in-house gives us a high-amount of flexibility and efficiency.

Packaging and Distribution

The completed printed product which has gone through many processes to get to its present form has to be packaged and delivered to you in the same pristine condition as it leaves our production facility.

Automatic sheet counters ensure the quantity and manual checks guarantee the quality of all jobs before they are shipped. Shrink-wrapping, stretch wrapping and palliating machines are used to take utmost care in packaging the finished job. Styrofoam padding and waterproof plastic sheets are used where necessary.

Our excellent rapport with all major dispatch and courier services enhances our ability to ship your job throughout India (including multi location deliveries) and overseas. On specific request we can also despatch consignments by road transport or air cargo.

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Our rapport with all major
dispatch and courier services enhances our ability to ship
your job throughout
India and overseas.

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Label Division

Canara Traders & Printers Mark Andy 4150 press opens the gates for flexography printing. With the 4150 features UV inks, 6 colours and a 10” wide web, we can create tag and label products for every application.

Mark Andy 4150

As a premier label manufacturer and we produce:
  • Custom wine labels, beer labels, and other beverage labels
  • 4 colour process labels, hot stamp labels, and foil or embossed labels
  • Decals, sports ID labels, and event tickets
  • CD labels, DVD and VHS video labels
  • Stickers & pressure sensitive labels including car window stickers and auto decals
  • Speciality labels and tags such as consecutive barcode labels and shelf talkers
Car Decals

Wine Labels

... wine, beer and other beverage labels

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Books Division

Canara Traders & Printers has over the years mastered the art of printing and finishing a wide variety of books. Timely delivery and ability to stock large amounts of paper and finished books in our huge warehouse gives us an edge over others.
  • Magazines
  • Catalogs
  • Annual Reports
  • Fiction
  • Text books, educational
  • Encyclopedia
  • Large & small
    • bound using
      • saddle-stitching
      • perfect binding, etc.
Our services incude logistic and distribution management to deliver finished books to stores and offices right from our warehouse and allowing publishers to have a virtual office in our premises.

This helps faster distirbution with less logistic problems. Infact one of our clients uses this service to print and distribute technical books to all their south Indian delivery points. Another international publisher uses us a hub for south Asia!

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